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Lost weight fast and got rid of my sugar addiction!

Are the Easter eggs with you at work there again? I find it sooooo hard to resist them and especially at work. Just as quickly 1 with the coffee and when the children have gone home (I am in front of the class) and my insulin dip kicks in, I keep eating those things…………………………………………. But this week I could easily ignore them. My secret? I am no longer a sugar addict!

The art of losing weight

I almost started working on Sonja Bakker. Nothing wrong with that, because it works for many. However, my husband has already provided me with so much information about the loss of muscle mass etc., that I still wanted to make an attempt to omit carbohydrates. And I’ve already found out, it’s all in your perseverance and willpower. I don’t really have any of those when it comes to eating. When I see the first delicious croquette, I go for the axe, bag of chips or Easter egg. But after 2 weeks of not eating any carbohydrate (I persevered :D), I’ve been kicked off! And the proof: I can get through the day without Easter eggs.

Why it often didn’t work out

As I said before, I always went for the axe pretty fast. And I notice that it’s just like quitting smoking (yes, that’s what I’ve done in a grey past), it’s in that transition period. In the beginning everything in your body screams that you need it. So I almost felt like an addict when I was sitting on the couch at night thinking about chips, cookies and cake. And when you pass that withdrawal period, you suddenly notice that it’s getting quiet. Your body doesn’t shout anymore, whispers every now and then and I can resist that much better. So you really have to hold on for 2 weeks, but then your sugar addiction is out of your system.

That’s how I managed it.

For me, freedom of choice doesn’t really work. My vegetable smoothies were already too much freedom of choice and therefore did not work. Eating partially low-carbohydrate also didn’t solve anything for me. So I have a fixed diet for the first few weeks. In the morning I eat 2 eggs with salt or Zaanse Mayonaise, raw unsalted almonds or other unsalted nuts in between, a salad with all kinds of raw vegetables at lunchtime and vegetables and meat in the evening. That’s it. As a snack I only have a piece of sausage, French cheese (very rarely), or salted nuts. And drinking water, drinking a lot of water (good for your metabolism, uh right… at least you really fall off!).

No eggs, but protein shakes

You can imagine that sometimes I can’t see an egg, then this protein shake is a godsend. Even after the shake I’m not hungry all morning. I do drink a lot of water with it, this is also to make sure that the proteins can leave your body quickly (you don’t want to overload your kidneys). Furthermore, raw vegetables are a must in combination with protein shakes, otherwise you really flatten your intestines. I also use these green tea pills, they have as a side effect that they provide a faster fat burning, hurrah! I bought them.

Eat mainly pure nature

The protein shake is fine, but for the rest I mainly eat pure nature. No additives, no sauces, everything is fresh and as organic as possible. With Hello Fresh I learned to cook quite a bit and I found a carbohydrate-free variant on a lot of dishes. I now often eat Chinese cabbage with coriander, spring onion, beef strips and some soy sauce. Or a stew of minced meat, vegetables and various herbs. That’s highly recommended; buy fresh herbs and spices in pots and experiment with them.

Have you been able to leave the Easter eggs?

If you now like me for 2 weeks to take on the challenge, then I am curious how you after 2 weeks state. I want to cheer you up with a cheerful message when the shakes come out of your nose, or give you a tip for dinner. And let me know if you could leave the Easter eggs behind :). Happy Easter already!

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