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Help! I don’t lose weight anymore. With these tips, you can boost your fat-burning again.

Until I was 19, I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining a single gram. I remember very well how sometimes, together with my little brother, I ate a whole pack of meatballs (12 of 200 kCal a piece!) at lunchtime, without gaining a single gram. But after I was 19, I carefully added some pounds until I finally weighed about 130 kg and my doctor confronted me with my overweight. I lost about 40 kg in a short time with a diet which is very similar to the diet of ‘Body een Lijfboek’. Unfortunately the period after that it went with ups and downs. Usually rising to about 105 KG and back again. What I’ve learned by now, and that’s what this article is about, is that in every diet there is a moment when your weight gets stuck while you do everything according to the book. By now I know how to break through that invisible border. And that’s what this article is about.

Deception of your body

What happens at some point when you’re on a diet is that your body notices that you’re consuming fewer calories than it needs to function. In the beginning this is the intention, because this will allow your body to draw on alternative energy sources, including body fat and proteins.

But our body is built for survival and adapts to the circumstances in which it finds itself. After a few days to weeks, your body signals that you are receiving too little food and will use less energy to ensure that you can last longer with less energy. Your body is trying to survive and doesn’t want to use up all its reserves too quickly. Your metabolism is lowered and you stop losing weight. If you would continue with limited calorie intake, you would have to eat less and less to lose weight. This is extremely unhealthy and can even lead to illness and ultimately death. In addition, after just a few weeks you will have less energy and will have small, annoying complaints.

Fortunately, you can fool your body! By eating a lot once a week or once a fortnight one day a week. Your body is overloaded with calories and nutrients and your metabolism goes up like a rocket. As a result, your body is out of the ‘low-power mode’ and starts consuming more calories again. The first two days you’ll mainly gain weight, so don’t be alarmed by your scale. But after those two days, the trick will do its job. Your body is now losing weight faster than ever before and even before your next so-called ‘bunker day’ you will have lost more weight than before. And if that system keeps repeating itself, you’ll notice that the kilos fly off… permanently!

It’s not just about how much you eat, it’s also about what you eat.

I’ll tell you a little secret about the dieticians… the way some dieticians work is based on unsubstantiated results in the past. Because when is a dietician successful? Exactly! If you lose weight! But what if I tell you that you can lose 12 KG without burning even 1 gram of fat? Would you call me a good dietician? Of course not! You want to lose fat and not kilos of water and muscle.

Many dieticians advise you to “just eat more moderately”. Leave some more often and don’t give in to hunger… with the result that some people literally go off their feet because their body can’t provide enough energy fast enough for the body to function properly. And other people who maintain an extremely disciplined diet (often for years in a row) will even look like a ‘stick’. Some women get the body of a 12 year old boy and men look like nasty guys too. Believe me… that’s not healthy for your body! This is because with many of those diets or diets, you don’t get enough calories and thus nutrients.

As I wrote before, your body will burn body fat (we want this), but also proteins. And if you get too little protein during your limited calorie intake, your body will obtain the protein by burning its own muscles. And this will not only make you look like a 12 year old boy, but also ensure yourself of a future ‘JoJo effect’. Because muscles use a lot of calories! And the more of them you have, the more calories you burn… and the less muscle you have, the less… exactly! And the less calories your body consumes, the less it takes to recover.

So make sure you have enough protein

So be on the safe side… supplement your diet with enough protein! In any case, almost all recent studies show that people with a high-fat and high-protein diet lose twice as much weight, without gaining weight again than people with a high-carbohydrate-rich diet. But whether you eat low carbohydrate or not, make sure you get enough protein. I myself start every morning with this delicious protein shake. I’ve tried a lot of them, but this one is by far the best.

Do you want to know how proteins help me lose weight? Read my article ‘How protein shakes help me lose weight’. Believe me… you are immediately convinced and tomorrow morning you start with a nice protein shake 😉

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